Illustrator Daisuke Nimura’s innocently rude GIFs

GIFs tend to annoy me. They’re low-res, too long and take an age to load. But Japanese illustrator Daisuke Nimura’s works make the most of the medium. He opts for humour through insinuation in repeating clips that last less than a couple of seconds. His designs also avoid long loading times by depicting simply drawn figures against a white background. I’ve peppered a couple of his more PG-rated GIFs (here and here) around this site. Here are more of his innocently sexual designs.

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Daisuke Nimura - LIFE is MAGIC! - SHE SHOW GAME

Daisuke Nimura – LIFE is MAGIC! – SHE SHOW GAME

'Take or Taken' Nimura Daisuke

Daisuke Nimura – ‘Take or Taken’

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